Webkinz = traffic

April 22, 2007 § Leave a comment

Check out the traffic explosion I got from my post on Webkinz yesterday (Saturday, from FeedBurner):

It will be interesting to see what happens today! I’m pretty sure these are all people hitting Google to try to figure out how to buy Webkinz for their kids. A commenter on my previous post indicated that the Webkinz site is free for a year and it stays free if you buy more Webkinz…but what if you can’t find any Webkinz? Genius!

This is a really great example of viral marketing. Adding a site where you can buy things for your toy is great, but allowing kids to interact online through their toys is even better. At the end of the day, this is a chat room/social network for kids, and the subscription fee is buying a Webkinz toy. It’s cool that Ganz, a family owned toymaking company based in Toronto, figured this out, and not an entrepreneur in the Valley.

Webkinz = genius

April 21, 2007 § 1 Comment

A couple of months ago, a professor of mine was talking about his kids’ obsession with something called “Webkinz” and how he and all the other parents of kids his age in his town would rush to the store when word got out that a new batch of Webkinz had come in. At the time I didn’t think much of it, other than laughing at the thought of my professor having to burn over to the local mom & pop toy store to get his kids new plush toys.

This was my introduction to Webkinz, and the last time I thought about them until today when I was reading a post over at the Lightspeed Ventures blog about the recent ComScore numbers. According to ComScore, Webkinz.com gets the 28th most monthly visits per user on the web. After digging around on Webkinz.com a bit, I now see why this is the case. When you buy a Webkinz stuffed animal, you can then “adopt” the animal online via the Webkinz site. This creates a virtual world for your pet, complete with Happy, Health, and Hunger meters which decrease if you don’t exercise or feed your pet in “Webkinz World”…which obviously costs money. Imagine all the five year olds out there waking their parents up on Sunday morning telling them that Scruffy’s Hunger meter is low and that they need to buy him a cheeseburger in Webkinz World. Genius!

Webkinz is owned by the privately held Ganz company based in Toronto…

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