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July 19, 2007 § 5 Comments

My buddy Will recently asked me what feeds I subscribe too, so I thought I would post what I pulled together for him here in case anyone else is looking for the good stuff. I subscribe to tons more feeds, but these are the ones I find myself consistently reading. I’ve found myself helping people set up NetVibes accounts recently, and this is generally what I put together, with each header being a separate tab within the same account. I’ve linked to the sites when possible and included the feed addresses below them. If you want to subscribe to one, copy the feed address and paste it into your aggregator (“Add content” >> “Add feed” in NetVibes). I’ve included feeds from my sites because I read that stuff too.

Tech/VC News
Venture Beat
Barron’s Tech Trader Daily
The Alarm Clock Technology
Analyst’s Edge: Venture Capital News

Marc Andressen: Ning
Roger Ehrenberg: Monitor110
Keith Schacht: JobCoin/Freshwaterventure
Noah Kagan:
Steve Newcomb: Powerset

VC Blogs
Jeremy Liew: Lightspeed Venture Partners
Ask the VC (Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson: Mobius Venture Capital/Foundry Group)
Venture Hacks

The Big Picture: Barry Rithholtz
Freakonomics Blog: Levitt & Dubner

Private Equity/M&A
NYTimes: Dealbook
Seeking Alpha: M&A
Analyst’s Edge: Private Equity News

Hedge Funds/Public Equities
Infectious Greed: Paul Kedrosky
Wall Street Folly
Controlled Greed: John Bethel
Analyst’s Edge: Hedge Fund News

Traditional News



WSJ: Law Blog
Above The Law


Townie News Red Sox (no direct link because of their stupid registration crap) Patriots (no direct link because of their stupid registration crap)

Enjoy! Also, let me know if you think I missed anything…

Chicago Beta

June 16, 2007 § 1 Comment

The best source for day to day entrepreneurial activity is Chicago Beta, a blog written by Keith Schacht of Jobcoin. Keith also writes Freshwater Venture, which I have posted a bit about in the past. Keep it up Keith!

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