"Better than Bad: Greenest Gas Stations"

July 3, 2007 § 1 Comment

I get a really interesting e-newsletter from A Fresh Squeeze. It comes out every couple of days with what are generally very interesting tips about greener living. The company came out of Chicago’s Sandbox Industries apparently with the goal of trying to capture some of the success captured by daily e-newsletters like DailyCandy.

Today’s A Fresh Squeeze is about gas stations. It’s quite interesting. I left a comment on their site about the mention of the Kyoto Protocol in the piece (which was estimated to cost the U.S. $300B and would have bound the US to much and the major world polluters to nothing … P.S. the anti-Kyoto, Byrd-Hagel, was passed 95-0 by the senate in ’97)…but all in all, a very interesting bit of research. If given the option, I’ll certainly be filling up my gas guzzler at BP or Sunoco in the future.

Better than Bad: Greenest Gas Stations

If your celebrations this 4th of July include a car, you’ll probably be stopping at a gas station somewhere down the road. And while filling up isn’t really green, there are some ways to make it a little greener.

Every gallon of gasoline creates 20 lbs of CO2, which is like sending a one-square-foot column of greenhouse gas up through the entire atmosphere every time you empty the tank.* So before you pull into the pump, choose an eco-friendlier gas station.

The Sierra Club ranked eight of the largest oil companies for their social and environmental practices. Not surprisingly, not one had a spotless record. However the non-for-profit undauntedly categorized the companies into three groups which we’ll call The Better, The Bad, and The Worst.

The Better

The Bad
Royal Dutch Shell
Valero Energy Corporation

The Worst

Although the study criticized BP and Sunoco (Sunoco, Ultra Service, APlus) for recent oil spills in Alaska and Pennsylvania, it praised both oil companies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their operations and supporting environmental groups. BP has also committed $8 billion to alternative energy research.

Alternatively, ExxonMobile has denied man-made climate change and lobbied against the Kyoto Protocol. It is also seeking to drill in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge. Like its partner in the bottom group, ConocoPhillips (76, Conoco, Phillips 66) opposes manadatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions. It has also been cited for more than 470 violations by the EPA.

So wish our country a Happy Birthday and send a message to the oil companies: Americans want greener energy, even at the gas pump.

Read the Sierra Club’s report by clicking here.
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*assumes a 12 gallon tank

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